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Anonymous Group Leaks What It Claims Are Incriminating Bank of America Emails


At the stroke of midnight last night, OperationLeakS, the supposedly Anonymous-affiliated hacker contingent which over the weekend had teased its possession of sensitive internal emails from Bank of America, posted its whole trove at That site is currently down, presumably hammered by traffic, but OperationLeakS continues to tweet out links to mirrors of the files.

As of posting, the emails have yet to be fully sifted through: However, one point on which the anonymous promoters of the leak have been putting some weight is Bank of America employees’ alleged orders to remove the Document Tracking Numbers (DTNs) which are standard across all office documentation from incriminating documents, deliberately making them immensely difficult to track down.

Business Insider:

We believe that the evidence that is supposed to be so damning is a series of emails showing that employees of Balboa asked for certain loan identifying numbers to be deleted, and they were.

Anonymous said late Sunday evening, however, “this is part 1 of the Emails.” So perhaps more incriminating correspondence is to come. And to be honest, these messages could be incredibly damaging, but we’re not mortgage specialists and don’t know if this is or isn’t common in the field.

The emails do not appear to have been leaked by an insider at Bank of America proper; an explainer file accompanying the email dump identifies the leaker as an employee of Balboa Insurance Group, formerly a Bank of America subsidiary. A Bank of America spokesman told Reuters that “the documents were clerical and administrative documents stolen by a former Balboa Insurance employee, and were not related to foreclosures”; Anonymous, meanwhile, said that they showed BoA wrongly foreclosing on homes.

(via Business Insider, Soup)

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