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Back to the Future Day: Doc and Marty Back Together for Real Garbage-Powered Cars, How the Movie Should’ve Started, and More!

This is our density.

Flying cars may not even be close to reality (probably for the best), and nobody’s quite gotten the flux capacitor down, but cars powered by garbage are one awesome prediction that the Back to the Future franchise got right. Even better, they’ve come about in time for Doc and Marty themselves to intro the technology.

But BttF reference-laden Toyota commercials aren’t all we’ve got to celebrate Back to the Future Day with (though we can’t blame Toyota for capitalizing on the opportunity, especially considering the effort they put into the nostalgia). No, here’s all the rest of the stuff you need to start off your celebration/bide your time while you wait for that DeLorean to show up.

First, HISHE time-travels to the beginning of a movie for once to see how Back to the Future Part II should’ve started:

Meanwhile, the Pepsi Perfect launch has been … well, not so much, as fans found that they were too late to purchase the beverage in the bottle from BttF II at midnight due to unplanned early sales at Walmart and Amazon that left it sold out when people arrived precisely at the correctly calculated time. Whoops. Of course, you can easily roll back that clock and still manage to grab one if you have a time machine—or eBay, where bottles easily reach $500. Luckily, in the future, that’s not very much money, right?

Pepsi Perfect


Here, have an iconic scene from Back to the Future recreated in GTA V to cheer you up:

If you still read your news on paper for some reason (this is the future, after all), USA Today has put the front page of the paper from BttF II on their newspapers today (actually tomorrow, due to the paper’s date in the movie), so you can pick one up and stare at it intensely after you hop out of your DeLorean dressed as Marty McFly and appear confused for a few moments—what? What were your plans for today, hmmm?

USA Today Back to the Future

via USA Today & Universal Pictures

And finally, a special message from Doc Brown himself:

And, if all of that wasn’t enough Back to the Future for you, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to the film’s stars and writer, Bob Gale, recently and collected the interviews for you in one convenient place. Surely, there’s more still to come as the day goes on, including the full reveal of Arx Pax’s Hendo 2.0 hoverboard design, which they clearly put off until the last minute if Marty’s going to need one today. Why do we always cut these things so damn close?

(via Nerd Bastards, Polygon, Eurogamer)

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