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Baby Yoda Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 6, “The Tragedy”

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This week on The Mandalorian, there was another adventure in store for Grogu, and he had a lot to learn about himself and the life that he left behind. So, on this week’s Baby Yoda Watch, let’s see what our favorite little green guy was up to!

**Spoilers for The Mandalorian episode “The Tragedy” lie within. Tread lightly.**

We open with Grogu still playing with the top of the joystick thing with Din Djarin since, for whatever reason, that’s his favorite thing to play with.

Din, in true Dad mode, loves the fact that he can say “Grogu” and have his kid respond to him, though, and just keeps saying Grogu and making the kid look up to him like:

But his training still needs to happen, so Din wants to see if he can get the kid to use the Force. Taking away his little metal ball, he holds it away from him trying to encourage Grogu to take it.

But, in Din Djarin’s excitement for Grogu and his use of the Force, he exclaims, “Dank farrik!” and it frightens Grogu. Thinking he did something wrong, he instantly drops the ball.

It takes a lot of comfort from this Dadalorian to get him to realize that Din was just really excited that Ahsoka was right, and slowly, he takes his toy back and he and his papa continue on their journey to Tython so he can go to the remains of the Jedi Temple there.

Despite their ride going smoothly, Grogu seemed REAL skeptical when they finally made it to Tython and Din told him that they’d have to land down on the ground and fly up to the Jedi Temple.

As if Grogu wouldn’t like flying with his Dadalorian.

But what Ahsoka didn’t tell either of these two dudes was what to do once they got there so for a few minutes, Din just put Grogu on this rock and they just sort of looked around.

To Din’s credit, he did look for an “on switch.”

But like many things that surround Grogu, he seemed to already have the knowledge of what to do, and once Din Djarin was distracted because a random ship had flown onto Tython to meet them, he touched the rock.

Then, Grogu straight vibed out in a Force field.

Like ain’t no one messing with his vibe, not even his dad.


For whatever reason, Din Djarin (who loved saying “Grogu” in the beginning of the episode) seemed to have forgotten and just kept saying “Kid, we have to go” to him when clearly, Grogu was jamming out to the Force and couldn’t respond. (ALSO MAYBE IF YOU SAID HIS NAME, HE’D ANSWER, DUDE.)

But I guess that Din Djarin didn’t get the message the FIRST time he tried to invade Grogu’s Force vibe because he tried to reach for his son again and this time, it threw him and knocked him out for a little while.

When he woke up and saw that there were plenty of troopers coming for his kid, he tried YET AGAIN to go into the Force vibe circle. (Honestly, like … Din … what are you doing?)

Instead of it throwing him unconscious, he just finally realized that his resources should be used elsewhere. “Okay, I’m gonna protect you,” he said and honestly made me want to cry because Din Djarin loves Grogu so much. But their situation quickly turned dire as Moff Gideon blew up the Razor Crest. (I truly cried, and I was not prepared to get that emotional about their ship.)

Realizing that the kid was in danger, Din Djarin started to run back to protect his son.

Meanwhile, Grogu came out of his Force bubble and needed to take a minute for himself. Too much vibin’.

No really, he had to take a nap.

In the midst of his Force nap, he just lay on his little rock and waited for someone to come and rescue him.

The problem being that those who come to get him are Moff Gideon’s dark troopers. Like imagine you were just chilling, listening to some cool-ass Force ghosts probably, and then you wake up and see these weird-ass robots looking at you.

“Uh, last I checked, I was chatting it UP with Anakin and he was telling me about all the mistakes he made and his connections and I was like ‘Wow, that’s like me and my daddy’ and now I’m waking up on this rock and-“


The dark troopers grab Grogu cause he’s too sleepy to use the Force and Din and Fennec are running up the mountainside to try to save him, but they’re too late. This evil trooper droid thing takes Grogu and, in one of the saddest shots in Star Wars history, he just looks down to his Dadalorian and they helplessly look at each other as Grogu is captured.

Grogu isn’t about to go quietly, though. Moff Gideon succeeds because Din is too afraid of trying to shoot at the troopers. But no one is going to let Gideon get away with it. Din Djarin has Fennec and Boba Fett on his side, and he’s ready to collect his crew of friends to go after the Empire and get his son back.

That is, if Grogu doesn’t kill everyone on Moff Gideon’s Imperial cruiser first. 

The troopers trying to pin down Grogu literally get thrown into walls and each other over and over again and Moff Gideon lets it happen because Grogu is just a baby! It tires him out!

And Gideon uses that fact to taunt the kid. Well, that and the dark saber.

But our sweet little boy isn’t going down without a fight. He might be too tired to use the Force to try to kill Gideon, but he tries it because he wants his Dadalorian back. (And probably his freedom and maybe even the saber, but I’m just going with Din for now.)

But the troopers hit Grogu with a sleeping beam gun (honestly, would love that to use when I want to go to bed but instead just look up pictures of Grogu at like 2 in the morning), right in the chest.

This next image is my entire mood for today:

But it manages to sedate Grogu so they could put little handcuffs on him to keep him secured on the cruiser. Lol like that’s going to work.

Check back here on the Mary Sue each week for what The Mandalorian has in store for Grogu next!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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