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Baby Yoda With His Little Cup Is All of Us

Baby Yoda tea on the Mandalorian

Before we begin, I would like to note that I am aware baby Yoda is eating his soup and not, in fact, drinking that scalding tea of drama. But, it’s a meme, and we love a good tea spilling story, so alas. When the Mandalorian and baby Yoda find a planet that doesn’t have a lot of resources, they decide it’s a good place to hide. (By they, I mean that the Mandalorian decides this while baby Yoda keeps touching things on the ship despite being told not to.)

From there, they find a nice little restaurant where the Mandalorian orders baby Yoda some soup, but when Mando has to go fight Cara Dune, baby Yoda decides to follow with his soup in-hand, creating the perfect kind of meme à la Kermit the Frog and his tea.

And thus, the internet ran with it. and now we have a new baby Yoda meme to overuse and love until the show’s next episode comes out. To be fair to all of us, baby Yoda is exceptionally cute. So, if you’re mad about all the memes, take it up with series creator Jon Favreau. I didn’t make him, I just fell in love with him and his little ears that flap in the wind.

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(image: Lucasfilm)

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