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John Boyega Is Concerned for the Wellbeing of Baby Yoda, Like All of Us

John Boyega in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

I can’t stop laughing over John Boyega’s concern for baby Yoda. During an interview with MTV News for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, baby Yoda came up in conversation—mainly because baby Yoda is always a point of conversation these days, even if you’re not in a Star Wars movie. Boyega, who very clearly hasn’t watched The Mandalorian yet, has heard “rumor” of this small baby.

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The rumor? That baby Yoda levitates a rock, and Boyega’s response is both hilarious and representative of us all watching The Mandalorian.

I think what’s so fun about this show is that whenever we see baby Yoda, we go through this thought process. He’s just a baby in a big coat who is doing way too much, but then we remember that he is technically fifty years old, and we’re still like, “He’s just a baby!” so, has The Mandalorian broken us all as people?

Boyega isn’t the only Star Wars cast member with opinions on baby Yoda. Laura Dern talked with Variety about baby Yoda, but she’s apparently seen him at a basketball game? Again, baby Yoda doing too much! Using the Force to throw a giant rhino thing, and then going to catch a basketball game? How does he find the time? (Side note: Does Laura Dern think that baby Yoda is a real celebrity, or is this a joke? The world may never know.)

But while Boyega is concerned for the safety of the child and Laura Dern is having visions of him out and about, it seems as if Rey herself is ready to use baby Yoda in her vendetta against the porgs. Daisy Ridley, who slandered the name of the porgs in order to share her love of baby Yoda, did so because she hated having to film around the interference of the real-life animals that were hidden through the creation of the porgs.

I love both porgs and baby Yoda equally. Well, that’s a lie. I’d die for baby Yoda, but still, the fact that everyone, including the cast of Star Wars, is talking about this sweet baby says how much we needed this kind of joy in the world, and I’d like to personally thank The Mandalorian and Jon Favreau for giving it to me.

Like John Boyega, I am very concerned for the safety of baby Yoda, and I hope that he gets his cuddles and his naps in. May you have all the soup your little green body can handle so then you can go to the basketball game with Laura Dern and have fun!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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