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The Avengers: Infinity War Brady Bunch Parody Has Us Questioning Who the Team’s Real Jan Is

Spoiler Alert: It's Hawkeye!

The cast of Avengers: Infinity War continues to charm us with their seemingly endless press tour to promote the latest Marvel film, but this latest video might be my favorite thing they’ve ever done (not counting everything about Letitia Wright, of course). The cast assembled (sorry not sorry) to parody the opening credits of The Brady Bunch theme song for The Tonight Show, with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt stepping into the Carol and Mike Brady roles. But how accurate are the Brady designations of the Avengers? Let’s take a look at who assumed which signature blue box, and whether they accurately match their assigned Brady in this hard-hitting, in-depth Mary Sue investigation:

First off, we have Robert Downey Jr. as Carol Brady, the matriarch of the Brady clan. As the father of the MCU, this makes perfect sense: Tony Stark is a parental figure who guides the Avengers and acts as their de facto leader. Besides, taking away Peter Parker’s spidey suit because he’s too irresponsible to wear it? Classic mom move.

Moving into the Marcia spot is Scarlett Johansson, a.k.a. Black Widow, which makes perfect sense. She’s beautiful, confident, and commands attention, and just like Marcia Brady, she can kill you with her bare hands. Natasha, Natasha, Natasha!

In the Jan box we have Chris Hemsworth as Thor, which does not work for me. Sure, the first two Thor movies fell a little flat, but considering how hilarious and charming Ragnarok was, this seems unfair. Also, who are we kidding: Hakweye is CLEARLY the Jan of the Avengers. He’s the Janniest Jan that ever Janned. He is so Jan, in fact, that he didn’t even make it into any of the promotional materials. Is he even in Infinity War?

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We then move on in our endless series of Chrises to Captain America himself, Chris Evans, as Cindy Brady. Since Cap is such an integral part of the Avengers, and since he literally faces off against Iron Man in Civil War, I would have placed him squarely in the Papa Brady box. Besides, if we’re looking for spunky little sister energy, Shuri/Letitia Wright is the obvious choice.

Moving onto the Brady boys, putting Chris Pratt in the Mike box feels like a miss. He’s definitely more of a Greg, complete with his self-chosen cool dude name (Star Lord is just an intergalactic Johnny Bravo) but look, I don’t make the rules. Instead, we get Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon.

Dr. Strange pops up in the Peter slot, which is … okay, I guess? Sorry Peter, but you’re not very memorable, and neither was Dr. Strange—don’t @ me. Finally, we have King T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther, in the littlest brother Bobby role. This is selling Chadwick Boseman short, and given Black Panther‘s cultural dominance, he could easily make a play for Marcia. Besides, Peter Parker is the obvious little brother of the Avengers crew, so it only makes sense that he would be Bobby.

Finally, we have the requisite Loki cameo in the Alice spot, which works for me because Loki is frequently brought in to clean up a mess, and they’re both punchline machines.

What do you think? Should the Hulk be Tiger the dog, who keeps getting lost? Should Ed Norton be Cousin Oliver, who keeps getting recast? Share your Avengers/Brady crossover theories with us in the comments!

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