Avast, Mateys! Today Be the 10th Anniversary of International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Batten down the hatches, me buckaroos, as it looks to be a mighty fine International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In fact, it just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of the holiday, so feel free to celebrate with ye mateys over a barrel or two of grog. The event appears to be here to stay, and ye won’t hear none of us blubberin’ over the fact. If we had it “arrr” way, there’d be more o’ them throughout the year.

That’s about all the pirate speech I have in me, so here’s a bit of background from the official Talk Like A Pirate Day website:

Ever since Dave Barry mentioned us in his nationally syndicated newspaper column in 2002, what once was a goofy idea celebrated by a handful of friends has turned into an international phenomenon that shows no sign of letting up. Maybe you read about us on line.. Maybe you caught one of our radio or TV interviews. Or maybe you just stumbled on to our site while googling around for sites your mother probably wouldn’t approve of. Or perhaps you’re one of the millions of people from South Africa to the South Pole, from New York to the Pacific Northwest, who’ve made it your own personal excuse to party like pirates every September 19th (and sometimes for days before and after)!

In case you’re not proficient in pirate speech — and really, who is? — LoadingReadyRun has you covered in a video that’s still mighty appropriate.

(via International Talk Like A Pirate Day, image via Julie Falk)

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