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Last Night the Grammys Reached Out To Victims of Domestic Violence


We know that the Grammys are not usually a nerd hotspot of viewing, but the dedicated segment on domestic violence, which gave abuse survivor Brooke Axtell a national stage for a stirring speech about her experiences, is definitely up our alley.

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Wifi Enabled Sheep, Reindeer Could Bring Internet Access to Rural Areas

Real talk: I didn't realize that this picture was sad until I'd already embedded it, I'm so sorry.

Get with the times Wallace. With that many sheep around you could be reading about Gromit's life sentence on a tablet. Much less palatable to hungry (and sad) sheep.

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Pay Attention, Marvel, Selma‘s Ava DuVernay is Open to Doing a Superhero Film

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Ava DuVernay admits she's not expecting a call from Marvel, and even if she got one she'd have to start by even figuring out who Marvel's characters are. But which would you rather have: someone who loves examining heroes and myths and can admit they have things to learn, or somebody who is totally fine with being the world builder of a superhero universe while seeming dismissive of nerds, confused about character origins, and puzzled by the idea of self-sacrificing heroes?

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Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: The Finale

End of Sailor Moongelion

Let me tell you a quick story about Susana's First Anime.

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One Man’s Trash TV: The CW Might Have a Show Called Cheerleader Death Squad Soon

I want your But I'm a Cheerleader Death Squad fics on my desk by Monday.

Is there more to this story? Do you need there to be?

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Pull It Together: Hawkeye, Saga, and Squirrel Girl Return!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Welcome to Pull It Together, where the goal is to narrow the massive field of comic book titles to the ones you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list; it’s about what could be on yours!

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First Look at Brandon Routh Suited Up As The Atom for Arrow and The Flash

Would you say that he looks kinda... super?

Brandon Routh's second film role set in the DC Universe is, shall we say, somewhat smaller than his previous one. But it's still got a pretty great suit.

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Talking (Sleepy)Heads: “Spellcaster”

Did anyone get turned into a newt?

Ichabod loves mini-muffins. What did you love about this week's Sleepy Hollow? What did you hate?

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Google Donates Three-Quarters of a Million Dollars to the Cause of Diversity in Tech

Intel yawned.

Gaze into the staged smiles of the ever-improving future.

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David Duchovny Has a Favorite X-Files Slashfic

Shoutout to that one time I found fanart of Krycek as a mermaid on Elfwood.

The X-Files fandom isn't gone. It's just dormant. And it got a big shot in the arm last week.

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Company Proposes to Bring Custom Dress Forms to the Stitchy Masses With 3D Scanning Tech

And a bit of elbow grease.

Calling all seamstresses, hobbyists, LARPers, and cosplayers! DittoForms wants to offer dress forms patterned precisely on their users bodies, for roughly the same price of a basic pro dress form.

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Leaked: TNT’s Teen Titans Drama Cast is Majority Female Heroes


The pilot script for TNT's putative Teen Titans show has leaked, and so far the roster is four women to two men.

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Texas School Suspends 9-Year Old for Threatening to Make Classmate Disappear With the One Ring

There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will. And he does not share power.

The boy's father assured officials that his son lacks the magical power to back up his statements. "He's a total squib."

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Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: “Usagi’s Awakening: A Message from the Distant Past”

Scar voice: "Long live the Queen."

I feel like this is visually evocative of certain famous story concerning the child of a god and themes of sacrifice and rebirth but I can't put my finger on it... hmm.

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Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign No More Has a Superbowl Ad This Year

In particular, No More's ad, which will likely be seen by millions this Sunday, highlights the difficulty many abuse victims have in safely speaking out against or even simply making another person aware of their abuse.

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Why Did Russia Only Send Female Dogs to Space?

It's all about pee.

*Insert Bitch Planet joke here.*

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Emotional Rollercoaster: Disney Mulls Rebooting Indiana Jones… With Chris Pratt

I'm experiencing... SOME sort of feeling.

According to Deadline, Disney is continuing its hegemonic control over all genre media properties by considering rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise with Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt in the lead role.

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So Yankee Candle Company Has Girl Scout Cookie Scented Candles Now

Well, it's lunch time now.

For when you want to want to eat a Girl Scout cookie really bad, but also want to not be able to eat a Girl Scout cookie at all at the same time.

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Pull It Together: Thor vs. Thor, Bitch Planet, Adventure Time and More!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Y'think that after their fight they might both be... a little thor?

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Gotham Gab: Share Your Thoughts on “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

A Tim Burton movie called, Penguin. It wants its hairstyle back.

Last night on Gotham: people did things. Some people did things to other people. Other people said things to other people. What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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