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I Have Serious Questions About These Roseanne and Will & Grace Revivals

This season is all about bringing back the shows you loved and seeing if the old crew still has the magic.

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Kirsten Dunst Was Just as Devastated as You Were That Hillary Clinton Lost the Election

Donald Trump's win (sorry for rehashing old wounds!) came as a shock to most of us, including Kirsten Dunst.

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Things We Saw Today: Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information During That Meeting With Russia Diplomats

Not to sound the apocalyptic alarms but Donald Trump is going to get us all killed.

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Interview: Geena Davis Eloquently Dispels Myths About Gender and Representation in Hollywood

It's no secret that we here at The Mary Sue respect and admire Geena Davis for her work in bringing gender and diversity to the forefront of conversation.

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This G.L.O.W. Trailer Looks Great But I Have Questions

The team behind Orange Is the New Black is prepping for their next big dramedy: G.L.O.W.

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Thank You, Fox, for Canceling Sleepy Hollow (And Other Good TV Things This Week)

It’s been a rough week in the real world, but things are looking up in the land of television.

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Bless You, Starz: American Gods Renewed for Season Two

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, byt STARZ has renewed American Gods for a second season.

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Gurl Bye: Kellyanne Conway Calls Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll “Sexist” and We All Wish She Went Back Into Hiding

Just ... stop.

We didn't ask for Kellyanne Conway to make a comeback but here she is, ready to dish out a new onslaught of alternative facts.

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What Happened to Freedom of the Press?—Journalist Arrested for Trying to Ask Trump Official a Question

Donald Trump's growing hostility toward the press should sound off some serious alarms.

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Judge Dredd Creative Team Announces New TV Series Just as a Real Life Version Sits in the White House

With real life feeling more like fiction everyday, it's ironic that the team behind the British comic character Judge Dredd is working on a new TV series.

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Betsy DeVos Came to Bethune-Cookman for an Honorary Degree and They Came For Her Hairline

Brave students from Bethune-Cookman came for Betsy DeVos as she accepted an honorary degree.

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The Flash Mob: How Bart Allen Got His Groove Back in “Cause and Effect”

Look alive, Flash Mob. It's that wonderful time of the week when we get to dissect the latest episode of CW's The Flash.

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Celebrates The Gifted Series Order With Awesome New Teaser

There's a new Marvel show coming to town and it's called The Gifted.

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Becky G and Amy Jo Johnson Address the Important Issues Surrounding Power Rangers and 13 Reasons Why

One of the perks of attending this year's Bentonville Film Festival was getting to see all of the diverse filmmakers speaking so passionately about their projects.

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I’m Not Sure How to Feel About This Hellboy Reboot Without Ron Perlman and Guillermo Del Toro

Hmm ...

Is it still a Hellboy movie if there's no Ron Perlman or Guillermo Del Toro?

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Hollywood Didn’t Consider Judy Greer a Lead Actor So She Made Her Own Awesome Film

Judy Greer might not be my best friend in real life, but I find myself rooting for her like one anyway because she's so darn likable.

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Things We Saw Today: These Awesome Cardboard Houses Will Bring Out Your Cat’s Inner Nerd

What's better than an adorable kitty with long whiskers? An adorable kitty with long whiskers resting in a nerdy cardboard house of course!

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J.K. Rowling Should Apologize For Supporting Johnny Depp, Not Killing Snape


Here's a tradition we didn't ask for: J.K. Rowling apologizing for killing off characters on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.

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Tony Awards: Hey, Corey Hawkins is Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role!

It's that most wonderful time of the year when we salute the best in American theater

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Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower Is the Resistance We Could Use in America Right Now

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them are just teenagers trying to get people to care about their home.

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