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The Flash Mob: “Infantino Street” Is Best Described in Three Words—What? No. Why?!

It’s time once again for that wonderful weekly open thread known as The Flash Mob! Yes, each Wednesday we dissect the latest episode of the season and even break down a few theories. But BEWARE: If you’re allergic to spoilers, you might wanna make like a tree and beat it until you’re all caught up. You have been warned.

Now, let’s get to it!

Raise your hand if you’re feeling distraught after watching the last five minutes of “Infantino Street.” Honestly, I was on edge the whole time, starting with that somber beginning in which everyone is reveling in small moments together while waiting for you-know-what to happen. It set the tone for the rest of the episode with the clock counting down to zero.

Ignoring the fact that Barry traveled to Siberia in 1892 to recruit a reformed villain to help steal a high energy device from A.R.G.U.S. after repeated warning of the negative effects of time travel, it’a great to see Snart again! (“Don’t put me at the singles table” is my new mantra.) Equally wonderful was seeing the return of King Shark and that awesome battle on dry land. Hey, this episode wasn’t all nailbiting and tears. Thanks, writers!

But this week’s biggest highlights were the little moments between friends and loved ones. I find HR’s blossoming romance with Tracey to be rather endearing, especially with all the doom and gloom in the air. And as depressing as the context was, Joe West singing “What Does It Take” to Iris made my heart swell. Plus. Wally profusely apologizing to Barry for not doing enough to save Iris and Barry being all “I’m gonna get our girl back” had me reaching for the Kleenex. I’m sorry, this episode wrecked me.

Especially the moment when you realize it comes full circle. Earlier, Iris recorded a secret message for Barry which gets played as he charges toward Savitar. Unfortunately, their giant Bazooka failed to trap Time Remnant Barry so Current Barry made one last effort but to no avail. Iris dies as planned and we’re all left shouting “WHAT?! THEY ACTUALLY WENT TROUGH WITH IT? WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? NO. NOPE. WHY?!” at the TV.

And thus ends the penultimate episode of the season.

  • Do you think Iris is really dead?
  • Will they bring her back?
  • What does Barry do now?
  • How are they going to stop Savitar?
  • Can Caitlin be saved? Or will Killer Frost have to die?
  • Why did Barry bring up Baby Sara? Way to salt old wounds.
  • “Is it spying if we’re friends?” Reason 34493068 that Cisco is the actual best.
  • On a scale of the sinking scene in Titanic to Frodo saying goodbye to his friends before sailing into the West, how distraught are you?

You know the deal, spill those feelings into the comments below!

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