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Envision Yourself On Air Targaryen With Game Of Thrones House Brands TV Ads

"Join us now and own the sky." With dragons, obvi.

What if Game Of Thrones had way less monarchy and way more modern capitalism? Shutterstock’s still marching on with their great AU wherein the Great Houses of Westeros are major corporations, this time with TV advertisements for their brands, via video editor Niko Brown. Stark Outfitters and Air Targaryen have the kind of beautiful sweeping ads that might sway me to throw money at their businesses — especially given the faint promise of travel by dragon for the latter.

They’ve also added Martell Promotions to their list of brands:

With their love of indulgence and propensity toward the sensual, it’s only natural that the Martells would throw one hell of a party. And with their natural habitat being the desert climes of Dorne, they’d have no problem organizing a festival in the sun that would put Coachella to shame. Martell Promotions, then, is your go-to for all the best nightclubs, concerts, festivals, and VIP events, but their flagship festival is the annual Sunspear Fest — naturally culminating this year on April 12.

You can see the poster for the Coachella-like experience over at Shutterstock; I recommend it for the band names alone.

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