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We’ll Have To Keep Waiting for the English Dub of ‘Attack on Titan’s Final Episode

The highly anticipated final episode of hit anime series Attack on Titan aired on November 5. But that was just the Japanese dub. There’s some good news for English-speaking fans of the series, as the English dub of Attack on Titan‘s final episode is definitely on its way.

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Spoilers ahead!

The finale of the anime series ended with plenty of high-octane action and plot development. As we’ve previously discussed, Eren Yeager turned against his own friends and the rest of the world. The Survey Corps—including Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, Connie, and so on—set out to stop Eren from annihilating all of the human race. This war culminates in the shocking conclusion of Eren dying at the hands of his lover, Mikasa. She gives his decapitated head one last kiss goodbye, then the show finally concludes. What a ride.

While AoT‘s final episode was undoubtedly thrilling to watch in Japanese, some people, especially English speakers, might prefer watching the English dub. As of now, that version hasn’t been released yet, but don’t give up hope, as the dub is coming no matter what.

The estimated release date for the English dub is speculated to be early 2024. There’s no official confirmation of an exact date as of now, but this is based on the release window of previous English dub episodes. As explained by Crunchyroll, dubs for English, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Latin American Spanish are currently being produced by the streaming platform.

As many fans have pointed out, The Final Chapters Specials came out back in March 2023, but did not get an English dub release until about six months later. It seems very likely that the dub for the finale will follow suit.

I, for one, like both the dub and sub versions of Attack on Titan and am perfectly fine with either. Typically, I don’t follow the purity notion that sub is always superior to dub. Sometimes the exact opposite is true! With that being said, Attack on Titan‘s voice acting team is top notch in both languages. I have no doubt that their final performance will be just as spectacular.

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