Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs) flying in the air in Invincible

Atom Eve Gets Origin Story in Bonus Episode Ahead of ‘Invincible’ Season Two

Invincible ... Atom Eve!

Invincible is the prime example of how to get a superhero comic adaptation right. Robert Kirkman is a genius when it comes to creating compelling stories that audiences can’t get enough of. The animated series is a love letter to superheroes and follows a superhero named Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun) who comes to realize who his famous superhero father really is. Invincible season 2 is going to show us the aftermath of that gutting realization.

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Crafting stories by way of animation allows more room for the fantastical. And that’s something that isn’t lacking in Invincible. The second season of the hit Prime Video series will premiere later this year. But for now, we’re getting a special episode for Mark Grayson’s teammate (and potential girlfriend, let’s be honest) Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs). The bonus episode, titled “Invincible Atom Eve”, is a bottle episode about Atom Eve’s past, including how she became the superhero she is.

Atom Eve’s character has a lot of angst and it’s no surprise. Her backstory isn’t peaches and cream, and it wouldn’t be all that intriguing to explore if it was. Getting to know bold and assertive characters is usually fun. At least for me, it is. In the case of Atom Eve, she was a lab-built superhero (think Homelander … minus the horrible outcome), and that allows for a lot of discussion.

“Invincible Atom Eve” isn’t coming out of nowhere either. Invincible follows the comics of the same name quite closely. If you’ve read the comics and know all the details already, then you’re likely in for a ride … or a journey through the clouds? Invincible season 2 will undoubtedly give us even more Atom Eve content. Especially since Mark is continuing his journey as a hero to prove a point to his father. But until November 3, you can watch “Invincible Atom Eve” to fulfill your Invincible needs. Head over to Prime Video to watch the episode now!

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