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Ask the Mary Sues: What Got Snubbed at the Golden Globes?

Because we're still not over the Emily in Paris jokes.


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In these uncertain times, it’s nice to know that there are some things you can still rely on. The coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts will always be hot. Nicole Kidman will always look fabulous. And the Golden Globe nominations will always be absolutely absurd.

This year was no exception, as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association snubbed landmark series like I May Destroy You in favor of straight up trash like Emily in Paris and Ratched (look I enjoyed the hell out of Ratched, but that show was a damn mess.) Even the writers on Emily in Paris were confounded.

But what more could we expect from the same arbiters of taste that nominated Burlesque for Best Picture-Musical/Comedy?

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So we asked ourselves, what film or television series or performance deserved to be nominated?

Rachel Leishman:

What We Do In The Shadows is easily one of the best comedies on television, and the fact that it wasn’t recognized as such is a disgrace. What other show brings in all the actors who formerly played vampires on to reveal that every actor is a real life vampire? What other show manages to get us to care about Staten Island? It’s a perfect show and a brilliant spin-off from the film and we should honor What We Do In The Shadows accordingly!

Princess Weekes:

Lovecraft Country had a lot of problems and I don’t think the series was perfect from top the bottom, but the acting was solid. Jurnee Smollett, Jamie Chung, Aunjanue Ellis, and Wunmi Mosaku were all fantastic with many of their episodes being the best the series had to offer. Considering the show was nominated for Best Drama, why is it so hard to acknowledge those performances that made the drama work?

Chelsea Steiner:

There is truly an overwhelming amount of great content out right now, but I’m still surprised that Netflix dark comedy Dead to Me went unnoticed. The prickly dramedy features powerhouse performances by its leads Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, as ride or die BFFs united by accidental manslaughter and an endless race to cover up one another’s crimes. Applegate especially brings it as perennially furious Jen, whose righteous anger is both hysterical and heartbreaking in equal measure. Dead to Me will return for its third and final season this year, so hopefully Applegate and Cardellini’s fine work will be recognized by then.

Jessica Mason:

I’ve said it many times, but HBO Max’s Doom Patrol is one of the best shows on television. Sadly, no one is going to nominate a series where butts without bodies eat and kill people. The whole cast is great, but Diane Guerrero as Jane is one of the most incredible performances I’ve seen on television in recent years, and it’s absolutely criminal that she doesn’t get awards recognition for it.

Kaila Hale-Stern:

I beat this drum endlessly, but The Expanse is the best science fiction show currently on television, and some of the best television, period. The future-set series perfectly extrapolates how rampant capitalism, militarization, and colonialism plays out across the galaxy. The Expanse features a vibrantly diverse cast who undergo some of the more profound character development I’ve seen, manages to be thoughtfully political, and is grounded in a physical and physics-based sort of realism we rarely see in science fiction. Of course, there’s also mysterious alien molecules, extraterrestrial machines, and Thomas Jane as a projection of his former self, so there’s still a lot of fun fiction to be found in the science. I wish awards (and larger audiences) would recognize its brilliance.

What films, series, and performances do you think got snubbed by the Globes? Let us know in the comments!

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