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Animation Test Asks What Axe Cop Does for Halloween, Confirms That Nick Offerman’s the Man

If you somehow missed the announcement earlier this year, Fox is bringing an animated version of the much-beloved Axe Cop webcomic to bear. It’s set to be part of a new block of “late-prime” programming called Animation Domination HD, which is more or less the Fox equivalent of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. Though the actual series won’t be starting until next year, the good folks behind ADHD just uploaded an animation test featuring Nick Offerman. Given that it’s also about Halloween, this is pretty much the best.

Due to this only being an animation test, Offerman’s obviously not confirmed to portray Axe Cop. Now that we’ve heard him in the role, however, he will remain Axe Cop in our hearts.

(via YouTube, thanks Max Eddy)

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