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Our Friend Bill Nye Explores Whether the Human Race Can Stop an Asteroid [Video]

Because let's face it, "AsapSCIENCE" isn't as easy to chant as "Bill! Bill! Bill!"

Potential asteroid collisions have been big in the news lately, and as a nation we’re are more afraid of them than we’ve ever been — possibly because in the past we used to be afraid of things like polio and getting murdered by bandits. Is stopping an asteroid even possible? AsapSCIENCE requested the help of our friend Bill Nye, whom you might remember from being the Science Guy, to explain things to us.

As much as I loved the neatly polished children’s program of my youth, watching Nye in a more unfiltered setting is pretty fun. Not that he’s made any of us feel better about an inevitable doom from above with his “just ‘cuz it’s unlikely doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal” attitude. Gee, thanks, Bill!

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