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Open Thread: Arrow – The Man Under the Hood

where does he get those wonderful toys

Well. We’re moving things along, aren’t we?

When last we left Star(ling) City, things were going from bad to worse. How about this week?

  • The Arrow team decide to break into Queen’s applied sciences warehouse. To blow it up. Felicity will never be a robber.
  • Laurel has a nice pinterest board, I mean, evidence wall going on.
  • Hmm, Isabel was romantically involved with Robert Queen. The plot thickens!
  • A cure for mirakuru you say, Ivo?
  • Anyone else get Dark Knight Rises memories reignited when Deathstroke was in the Arrow Lair and they cut out the lights?
  • Thank you, random doctor, for giving Laurel some more evidence by rambling on about your patient for no reason.
  • Thea, I think, wins quote of the night with, “I tried to kiss my half brother.”
  • Slade took skeleton key
  • Star Labs facility in town is where we get our Flash spinoff cameo from Cisco and Caitlin. “Are you getting a weird VIBE off this guy?” I see what you did there, writers.
  • Easter egg: Arthur light.
  • So Barry got a girlfriend while he was in a coma or he was semi-involved with Iris when he was semi-involved with Felicity?
  • Isabel and Robert were about to run away together. The plot really thickens!
  • Quentin has no problem doing a little time for the Arrow and won’t allow Laurel to speak his name.
  • Deathstroke/Slade’s big plan involved Roy hooked up to the biotransfuser, not himself. Duh.
  • Easter egg: Blüdhaven mentioned.
  • Explosives arrows!
  • Diggle shoots Isabel. Oh, hey he’s still on this show.
  • Oliver kills Ivo. Dang.
  • Felicity asks for serum help from Cisco and Caitlin.
  • A sweet, and understanding, Laurel hug.
  • Mirakuru army…Isabel alive because of the mirakuru…THE PLOT SETS! (Also, she’s totally Ravager.)

This was a really fun episode. I know we’re not there quite yet but I can’t imagine what the next season is going to look like. Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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