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Open Thread: Arrow – Deathstroke

They call him Deathstroke now. Deathstroke is cool. 

So, some stuff happened last night…

  • First, best line of the night goes to Felicity, “I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightning.”
  • Oh hey, remember Summer Glau is on this show?
  • Thea’s been kidnapped in a very public way AND Slade has shown her his face so I’m interested in how this is meant to play out.
  • Look! Isabel is your friend, she’s yelling at the press for you. Why NOT make her temporary CEO?
  • When did Sara become so scary? Yeah, I look forward to finding that out myself…
  • Quentin, you arrested Slade with ZERO evidence, what did you think was going to happen?
  • Thea, you can go, or I can tell you your brother’s big secret. And then you can go.
  • “King Queen’s permission.”
  • Damn that was a fantastic scene between Stephen Amell and Susanna Thompson.
  • Roy has finally had enough and leaves the team. Lack of surprise.
  • Isabel backstabs Oliver, knows about his evening activities, and has been working with Slade. Ok, this just got interesting.
  • Bout time Glau gets to kick ass!!!!
  • You know if Felicity says “do whatever it takes,” shit’s serious.
  • Pause for – the fight coordinators on this show are so great.
  • Deathroke gets called an “asshat.” LOL.
  • Oh, Slade told Thea Malcolm Merlyn is her dad, not that Oliver is the Arrow.
  • Oh, Slade tells Laurel Oliver is the Arrow.
  • Oh, Thea names Slade as her kidnapper.
  • Queen Consolidated will now start making mirakuru for Slade’s prison army.

I like it. We’re moving along. Secrets are being revealed. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments!

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