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Open Thread: Arrow – Heir to the Demon

where does he get those wonderful toys

Another DC Comics woman joined the cast of Arrow last night. And oh boy did she cause some havoc. 

  • Apparently Nyssa al Ghul’s fake names are so know they set off A.R.G.U.S. alarms at the airport. Good going, League of SHADOWS.
  • Dinah Lance, aka Momma Canary, returns to visit Laurel in the hospital but Laurel only tells Quentin about seeing Sara.
  • HEY! Sara is doing the thing! The crazy Oliver pull-up thing! What a nice change of pace for the workout porn.
  • These family flashbacks are ok and all but I can’t stop being weirded out by Alex Kingston’s American accent.
  • Nothing like a quick makeout session after a dramatic aerial silk entrance. Also, yah! for confirmation on last week’s teaser.
  • Apparently all British people are really bad liars. This according to Felicity.
  • So Felicity figured out the whole Thea thing, and that Moira paid off the gyno mentioned last week but Moira thinks Felicity is in love with Oliver and won’t tell him. Ha!
  • They really need to decide on how they’re going to pronounce Ra’s. Also, when Sara should actually just keep her stupid blonder Canary wig on.
  • Laurel was poisoned by Nyssa, who also kidnapped Sara’s mom. Maybe not the best way to try and win an old lover back? Just sayin’.
  • Vigilante Club.
  • Felicity’s reveal of her father abandoned her family. This leaves the door WIDE open for her dad to be a major DC character. Here’s hoping it’s not like, Sportsmaster.
  • Quentin about to tell Laurel about Sara had me convince Sara was gonna die. Relieved she’ll be around a bit longer.
  • Poor Laurel getting the mind fuck of a lifetime after finding out Sara is actually alive. And good on her for being pissed about it.
  • Oliver cutting off Moira should prove for some very tense acting.
  • Oliver and Sara decide to team up! But first! Sex!

Really enjoyed this episode and it was nice to have a break from the island flashbacks. What did you think?

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