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Open Thread: Arrow – Tremors

where does he get those wonderful toys

Sometimes, when I watch Arrow, I get so excited about what’s to come, I wish I could watch at super speed. Last night was one of those episodes. 

It’s not that I don’t want to watch what’s happening at the moment, it’s just that I can see exactly where they’re headed and it makes me so happy I just want to get there immediately. A few interesting moments from last night’s episode:

  • Knife knuckles under that guy’s skin! AAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Roy/Arrow and their Karate Kid training.
  • Laurel is currently reading “Awakening Intuition” in case you were interested.
  • So momma is gonna run for Mayor, huh? Sure, she’s not much worse than most politicians, plus she’s definitely better than Sebastian.
  • Roy looked more than a little ridiculous standing next to Arrow in just his hoodie.
  • Laurel’s friend Joanna tells her the bar is going through disciplinary hearings. Man, she cannot catch a break.
  • Diggle really is doing nothing now. I know I was excusing his staying in the Arrow lair after getting shot but he can’t even drive a drunk Laurel home when he’s already in the building?
  • Markovia was mentioned again. Will we be meeting Geo-Force soon?
  • Arrow revealed his identity to Roy! Called it last week!
  • “Amanda Waller’s” visit to Bronze Tiger. I may have said the word “Squad” out loud before she did. I may have annoyed my boyfriend with that.
  • Team Arrow. Giggle.
  • Very interested in how the Sara reveal will play out.


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