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Arrow to Host A Firefly Family Reunion


The joke about Arrow as the place every science fiction television actor is going to finance their kitchen remodeling only gets funnier as the correlation grows.

The show has already gathered former stars of Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Angel and Farscape, and with Summer Glau‘s addition to the cast as recurring character¬†Isabel Rochev, Firefly as well. But Glau won’t be the only castmember to make it over, nor the only person to play a member of the Tam family. That’s right, Sean Maher is going to be on Arrow. As a supervillain.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Maher will guest star as the evil Mark Scheffer, better known as DC Comics supervillain Shrapnel, a serial bomber who places Starling City in a grip of terror and threatens the life of Sebastian Blood.

In the DC Comics universe, Shrapnel’s backstory isn’t fully known, though it has been established that he was at one point married with two daughters. Made of metal, Shrapnel’s powers are superhuman strength and stamina.

A serial bomber/assassin is a far cry from the timid (but slowly leveling up in badassery) and principled Doctor Simon Tam, and for sure, as a villain there’s no guarantee that he and Summer Glau will even share scenes. Still, hopefully they at least get to catch up on set for a while. Maher’s episode will be the 10th episode of this season, airing in the middle of December.

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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