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Arrow Reveals Its Mostly Female Writing Room for Season 7

Since the unjust and unnecessary death of Dinah Laurel Lance, played by Katie Cassidy, in Arrow season four, Arrow and I have been on a break. I tune in to see Black Siren (the E2 version of Laurel Lance played again by Katie Cassidy) every once in awhile, but the show has always struggled with having really inconsistent writing of female characters.

It’s a problem that exists across most of the Arrow-verse with the exception of the female-led series Supergirl and Black Lightning. From what I’ve seen from the fandom on Legends, only Sara Lance is really ever every talked about among the female teammates with any real admiration.

While there is certainly no 100% guarantee that having a majority female writing room means all the female characters from Arrow will be given their due, it still makes me happy to see that the room includes majority women and a has some real diversity. Even if they end up doing a lot of Olicity, I would rather accept Olicity that gives Felicity some character, agency, and storylines outside of Oliver than see Felicity continue to be the wish-fulfillment love interest she’s been for most of the series.

Now that Katie Cassidy is returning as a series regular in her Earth-2 form, I’d be excited to see if we can actually get some genuine female friendship among the remaining female characters on Arrow. The only time we’ve really seen the women of the Arrowverse “hang out” is for Iris’ bachelorette party. Plus, to double down on that “intelligent female villain” request, can you please give us that? Or that the very least bring in an Earth-2 Amanda Waller?

What do you think Arrow fans? What do you want the writers to work on or fix in season seven?

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(via Twitter, image: The CW)

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