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Oscar-Winning Argo Screenwriter Chris Terrio Brought on to Polish the Batman vs. Superman Script

Whaaaaat? But he worked with Affleck on Argo, and—ohhhh, we see what happened there.


You remember Argo, right? That movie last year that reminded everyone that Ben Affleck was actually awesome and then was conveniently forgotten about entirely when he was cast as Batman? Yeah, the great movie Affleck directed and won Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. Its writer is fine-tuning the Man of Steel sequel script.

This is one of the many reasons (including that Ben Affleck is great) that we (well, some of us anyway) were initially excited to see that Affleck was involved in the movie. Oh, yeah, you read that right. Unlike the entire rest of the Internet, we were pretty glad to hear Affleck was on board, and he’s a big selling point of the movie for us, Gigli notwithstanding.

We were hoping that Affleck’s involvement would have a positive impact not just on the role of Batman, but on the content of the movie in general. People are extremely quick to forget that Affleck first became a big name for winning a screenwriting Oscar on Good Will Hunting, and after directing last year’s Best Picture, we felt safe in assuming he was brought on for more than just his acting skills.

We can’t claim to have anticipated the exact move of bringing Argo’s writer, Chris Terrio, in to work on the script, but it’s exactly the sort of thing we hoped for, and we don’t think it’s crazy to assume Affleck had something to do with it.

In fact, even if it wasn’t Affleck’s idea or influence that got Terrio involved, if they hadn’t worked together on making Argo such a great movie for Warner Bros., this alliance on Batman vs. Superman probably wouldn’t have happened. That’s right: if Chris Terrio improves Batman vs. Superman even the tiniest bit, you’ve got Ben Affleck to thank.

Will everyone please finally come around on this casting choice?

(via The Movie Bit, image via Jordan Lackey)

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