How to Watch Today’s Apple WWDC Keynote and See Their New Hardware as It’s Introduced

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Today is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Rumors have been rampant as always as to what will be revealed. Is it the iWatch? A new Apple TV? Some… third thing? You’ll have to watch live today* at 10:00AM PDt (1:00PM EDT) to find out, and here’s how.

Apple’s been a little cagey in the past about livestreaming events, or even announcing whether or not they’ll be livestreaming events. It’s been frustrating for me personally the media as a whole, but they’ve already announced they’ll be sharing this one with the world—or at least the people in the world with reasonably current Apple products.

Apple WWDC14 Live Stream

If you have a Mac with at least OS X 10.6 and Safari 4, you can watch it on Apple’s site. iPhone/iPad users running iOS 4.2 or later can stream it through Safari as well, and Apple TV owners with 2nd or 3rd generation hardware should see a channel for the event on their homescreen. The event is about 90 minutes away at the time of this writing, so if you don’t see the channel yet, try restarting your Apple TV from the Settings menu. It’s what I had to do for the last Apple livestream.

It’s unlikely we’ll be able to embed the stream here, because Apple doesn’t like to share. But if it’s something we can do for you we will, because we love to share.

We’ve seen speculation around the Internet about the announcement. Some places are speculating something big like the iWatch—Apple’s long-rumored entry into the arguably unnecessary “smartwatch” field, while others are predicting somewhat disappointing hardware updates to the Macbook line. Considering the last Macbook Air update included a nice drop in price, maybe we’ll see a similar drop in the rest of the line?

Apple Insider is predicting a cheaper iMac, thanks to an update in the all-in-one system’s production process.

(via Apple WWDC14, images via Apple)

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