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Samsung Calls Out Apple and Its Tiny Screens in Latest Ad Comparing the Note 3 to the iPhone 5S

The 5S looks almost adorable next to the Note 3. Like a cute lil' baby phone.


Often when companies try to crap on their competition it can seem childish and petty, but I think Samsung is pretty good at it–particularly when they’re crapping on Apple like in this new ad comparing the Galaxy Note 3 to the iPhone 5S. It even has real basketballman LeBron James.

I’ll admit to some bias towards the Note 3, which I called “A near perfect device” in a rather glowing review, but I think the size comparison is an obvious one. The Note 3 is much bigger than the 5S, and the S-Pen is a great stylus. The ad plays to the Note 3’s greatest strengths and points out the 5S’s greatest weakness–its size.

It seems like a good time for this ad too, because rumors are strong that Apple is going to be releasing larger-screened iPhones in the near future. Samsung won’t be able to attack them on size alone for much longer.

(Samsung via Business Insider)

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