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Apple Reportedly Working on Virtual Reality and Original Streaming TV Content

Apple’s not always (or even usually) the first company to jump on a new idea or technology, but they’ve got a knack for taking things mainstream. So what’s next on their list of markets to try to corner? Virtual reality and original streaming TV content, it seems.

The two new moves for the tech giant are still as shrouded in mystery as their next iPhone release, but as usual, reports have started to trickle out and give a hint as to what they’re up to. Variety has previously reported that Apple has been in talks with Hollywood execs about producing streaming content, and now a report from says Apple may be planning to announce its own original entertainment offerings in September along with the new iPhone.

Competing with other services like Netflix and Hulu will be tricky, though, especially with the former’s widespread popularity, so we’ll have to wait and see what Apple’s got up their sleeves (if anything) to shake things up and win customers over. Their repeated attempts to repeat the success of the iTunes store with streaming music have failed in the face of other music streaming services, so hopefully they’ll demonstrate they’ve learned from that when it comes to TV.

On the other hand, the virtual reality market is still wide open and relatively new, so Apple’s got a little more room there to move in and take over—especially with Apple’s huge base of iPhone users and other companies already making smartphone-based VR practical. It’s currently unknown whether Apple plans to build a device that uses smartphones as screens or comes with its own, but the report from Financial Times says Apple has been secretly building a VR staff hundreds strong through targeted acquisitions of other companies, and they’ve built several potential prototype headsets already.

Even if Apple doesn’t wind up becoming a big force in either of the areas it’s shooting at, competition from such a big name can only mean good things for the future of our streaming TV and virtual reality. Break out the popcorn and sit back, friends. One way or another, we’re in for a show.

(via The Verge & Variety, image via Håkan Dahlström on Flickr)

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