More Apple Tablet Evidence: Usage Data Shows 50 Tablet-Like Devices In Cupertino

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In the midst of the endless hype and rumors surrounding the Apple Tablet, it’s nice when good, hard data emerges. Web analytics firm Flurry has made a pretty good case for the existence of 50 very iPad/iSlate/iTablet-like device based on usage data coming from Apple’s campus in Cupertino. According to Flurry, games are by far the most downloaded apps for this mystery device:

Historically, tablet devices have been considered substitutes for anything where workers use clipboards, note pads or day runners. In more industrial settings, they could be used for inventory management, taking purchase orders or data entry. However, there was a surprising dearth of applications that support these use cases. Instead, the largest category was games. With a larger screen, more memory, multi-touch and multi-tasking expected, games will play better than ever on Apple handheld devices.

As Gadget Lab points out, this is a quick turn from substance to hype, but at least there’s a solid dose of substance in the mix.

Apple will be announcing some sort of “latest creation” on January 27th, which will finally put the speculation to rest. Until then: Apple Tablet hype! Get really excited! Argue about it a lot on the Internet!

(h/t Gadget Lab; image via Flurry Analytics)

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