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Internet Debates Which TV Characters Most Likely to be Anti-Vax

We have our bets on Mac and Mr. Burns.

its always sunny in philadelphia cast

At the beginning of the pandemic, months before a vaccine was even close to being available, people pondered who from TV and movies would be anti-mask. The answers tended to lean towards characters already anti-government, cartoonishly pro-liberty, conservatives (including hoteps), the mystics, and/or dunce characters. Sometimes, people would lean more on the people who played the characters, which is unfair, but still funny.

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Now, months out from the wide availability of the COVID-19 vaccine for those 12 and older, we are having the same conversation about vaccines. Of course, many flocked to staples from The Office like Dwight, Angela, and Michael. Also brought up were many, many characters from The Simpsons and Home Improvement.

There appears to (again) be a fierce debate about Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. While the character is a staunch libertarian, he is also very pro-safety and wouldn’t put those around him in danger if he could easily avoid it. Others included Andy Dwyer.—some just because he is played by Chris Pratt and others because he is gullible and not very bright.

A familiar breed of the villain of those vaxxed, those who would mislead the public (à la Fox News, OAN, and top Republicans) were also suggested. These were the Hollis Doyles (Scandal) and The Jennings (The Americans) of television.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, people rightfully dragged Melisandre and Janos Slynt through the mud, though Melisandra might if The Lord of Light gives her a sign.

Many outright said most (if not all) of the cast from shows like The Sopranos, Friends, The Office, King of The Hill, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would definitely be anti-vax. All of those are debatable, except It’s Always Sunny. The cast and creators literally said they are the worst people. Each character would exhibit the different types of anti-vaccine or vaccine-hesitant types, with Mack teetering between using religion or his “alpha-ness” as excuses.

This is a quite cathartic way to release a teensy bit of the stress compounded from years of trauma and months of frustration over those still needing to do their own “research.”

Which character from TV do you think would be anti-vax and why?

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