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Anti-LGBTQ Evangelicals Are Upset They Have to Face Reality During Pride Month

Yes, read that again, because this is what they're mad about.

Pride Flag at the Stonewall National Monument

Some evangelicals are upset that they have to face the reality that LGBTQ people exist and that we are to be celebrated this Pride Month. And honestly, it’s giving me life. How sad it must be for them to be faced with the reality that we live today as an advanced society where many are reaching for equality, love, kindness, and compassion when it comes to each other and those who people chose to love. The horror!

President Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council (FRC) said during his PRAY VOTE STAND webcast that, “The world is upside-down when American pride is something we should apologize for, but sexual perversion is the stuff of parades.” No one is asking you to not be proud of your country, Tony. Be proud of where you are from. Wave that flag. Just know that there are those who feel pride at being part of the LGBTQ community, and they will fly their flags just like you.

Also, I’m not surprised that you fell back on the same ol’ bullshit about queer people going hand in hand with sexual perversion. Just because you can’t see the beauty of a people loving who they love and embracing who they are, doesn’t mean that you get to ignore it or call it something vile. LGBTQ people are looking for the same things as everyone else: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s not that complicated.

Perkins also went onto say that Pride Month now rivals Christmas. And that’s a bad thing? I love Christmas, especially all the presents you get on that special day. And now Pride Month is about the same in Evangelical eyes? Ummmm, yes please! Can we have our own Gods or version of Santa but super queer? Like Lil Nas X and Hayley Kiyoko holding mass and blessing us before giving us wine and those biscuits they give you during communion?

I’d be down. Every Sunday. Count me in.

But the part that got me all riled up is Perkins getting angry that the Biden administration is hiring LGBTQ people or that embassies are flying our Pride flag during this month. Because apparently (get ready for the ridiculous reason these anti-gay evangelicals are mad) LGBTQ people are asking for too much. In particular, he said, “They demand validation, affirmation, celebration.”

Tell me what part of that is wrong? Because from where I’m standing, covered in rainbows like the proud queer person I am, there is nothing wrong with asking for validation, affirmation, and celebration. It’s part of the human experience to want to feel validated, and I bet you that Perkins and his anti-gay Christians want to feel validated as Christians. It’s the same thing with LGBTQ people.

And if you don’t like Pride, don’t worry. It’s not for you. It’s for those that are seeking what you don’t want to give: validation, affirmation, and celebration. Because Pride, whether you like it or not, is about understanding and love, and that’s not going anywhere, anytime soon, no matter how much you complain. Because we are queer, we are here, and we’re not going away!

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