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Somebody Fixed The Ant-Man Trailer So It’s Actually Fun

What a difference a song makes.

Were you vaguely underwhelmed with the Ant-Man trailer but couldn’t quite put your finger on why? Director and friend of The Mary Sue Patrick Willems knows why—because it was too weirdly serious. He slapped together a new cut of the trailer that replaces the dramatic song with one from Tarantino’s Death Proof, highlights the comedic chops of the screenwriters, and lets the jokes land just a little bit better. It literally took him an hour, Marvel. You’re welcome.

The changes start at about 1:16, and here’s the original for comparison:

So much better, right?

Also, if you liked Patrick’s re-cut then sure to check out some of his other nerdy videos, such as The Flash as directed by Ingmar Bergman, Tommy Wiseau’s Batman, and SDCC’s Tiny Rocket Raccoon.

(via /Film)

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