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Amazon Prime’s New Original Series Annedroids Focuses on Diversity and STEM

Pssst, hey, TV... more stuff like this please.

Amazon Prime is taking a few important steps with their new original show Annedroids. First, it encourages kids to get involved in STEM, its protagonist is a genius and not the typical tween girl you see on other shows, and Annedroids also focuses on diverse family, sexuality, and gender roles. Annedroids, you have our attention.

In an email from Picture Box Distribution a representative for the show told us:

Not only does ANNEDROIDS take the stereotype of a typical tween girl and bust it right open, it also defies conventional depictions of family and gender. The series features a variety of diverse family structures (including single parent families and single sex parents) as well as a genderless android who is trying to find out what it could mean to be a “boy” or a “girl”. ANNEDROIDS defies boundaries, breaks down barriers and starts conversation. And beyond all that, it’s an exciting, entertaining, and educational show for the whole family.

Genderless android! Girl genius! Science and engineering! Throw some superheroes or clones in there and this show would have just about everything we cover here at The Mary Sue. The trailer looks like they’re playing to a slightly younger audience, but that’s never stopped us from digging a show before.

The star of the show, Addison Holley did a brief interview where she talks about how excited she is to be playing a smart girl rather than the bratty sister:

Annedroids premieres tomorrow, July 25th, on Amazon Prime Instant Video and August 25th on TVO in Canada. Tune in and give it a try. We certainly will be.

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