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I Too Wish to Shake My Tailfeathers With Pavé the Peacock With This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale Update

February festivities and other updates are headed to our islands


As a newbie Animal Crossing player, I expected events for the major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but occasionally the game releases an update that takes me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting something that’s so clearly Carnival influenced, yet here we are, and I’m already wondering how to rearrange my island accordingly.

I want that festive arch SO BAD. Is that gonna be available? Please. I beg.

Festivale is set to take place on February 15 (the day before Mardi Gras). Players will be tasked with collecting different colored feathers before they can bear witness to how festive Pavé can be. There’s no word from Nintendo on whether or not there will be new DIY recipes, but since every other event has had something (and since there are new decorations shown in the trailer) I wouldn’t be surprised if those feathers have more uses than making Pavé dance. You’ll also notice in the trailer that Pavé isn’t the only one dancing, it looks like we are FINALLY getting some dance reacts.

My time has come. Time to properly jam out to Bubblegum K.K. But first, a list of the new updates!

Available Now:

-The bean tossing kit is available for purchase in Seasonal Items through Nook Shopping (to celebrate Setsubun in Japan, only available until 2/3)

-The Resetti model is available for purchase in Seasonal Items through Nook Shopping (to celebrate Groundhog Day in America, har har, only available until 2/2)

-The megaphone and football rug are available for purchase in Seasonal Items through Nook Shopping (to celebrate Big Game Celebration – I’m assuming the Super Bowl – only available until 2/15). Extra note: the megaphones come in different colors but you only get one choice in your shop.

UPDATE: The colors for the megaphones change every day! When I checked my shop the next day it was a different color!

-The maracas will be in your mailbox when you start the game, a gift from Nintendo.

Starting February 1st:

-New festive clothing courtesy of the hardest working hedgehog, Sable. Now if I could just buy multiple variations at once instead of going in and out of the changing room, lol. I’m assuming that these items will disappear after Festivale is over.

-New seasonal items for Valentine’s Day including chocolate hearts and heart-shaped bouquets. These will only be available until the 14th.

-New reactions available for purchase: Feelin’ It, Let’s Go, Viva, and Confetti. Technically, nothing I’ve read says these are available on the 1st, just that they’ll be available in February.

Ending in February:

-The snowflakes will continue to appear on your island if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere until 2/24.

-The snowballs will continue to spawn on your island if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere until 2/25.

Starting in March:

-I’m not sure, tbh. The trailer ends with a message about a free update coming in March that’s got Mario icons on it. I should note that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be out on February 12, and Super Mario Bros. 35 (the battle royale style online game) will stop being playable at the end of March, so some kind of Mario tie in with Animal Crossing would fit perfectly in March.

I’m a simple girl, I just want a Waluigi hat.

Are you excited about these updates? Any future updates you’re hoping for after we all celebrate Carnival Animal Crossing style? More importantly, what K.K. Slider song are you gonna be dancing to now that we’re getting dancing reacts?

(Image: Nintendo)

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