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Angry Birds Will Be an Animated Series, Continues to Come to Every Platform Ever

Like we tell you as much as we possibly can, Angry Birds is coming to every platform ever. You can pretty much take this post as an official release announcement for any platform that doesn’t yet have Angry Birds. According to CEO Mikael Hed, Rovio is producing an Angry Birds animated series. Details are currently slim, but Rovio is looking to make the cartoon a television series or (assuming they can’t get it on television) a web series.

This move would make it the first original mobile IP to be transitioned into another form of mass media, though considering a Twitter feed was turned into a sitcom, a phone game being turned into a cartoon isn’t particularly ridiculous. What is a bit ridiculous, however, is that not many people seem to understand that Angry Birds is about birds who commit suicide to murder pigs. Maybe the cartoon will be on Adult Swim.

(Finger Gaming via Kotaku)

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