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The Next Angry Bird Game Will Be an RPG, We Have Mixed Feelings

Guess you can call us "frustrated but optimistic birds."

angry birds epic

I’ll admit that I’m not the hugest fan of Angry Birds: I just don’t see the appeal, particularly with regard to the tie-in products for consumers (seriously, imagine if Flappy Bird was producing kids’ lunch boxes — it’d be ridiculous). But the new Angry Birds Epic might be enough to change my mind.

Kotaku is currently reporting that according to Rovio developers, the upcoming Angry Birds Epic will be an “adventure role-playing game,” complete with turn-based combat and crafting. Now that’s something I can actually get behind. Learning the physics of launching birds at pigs never quite grabbed me, but casting spells on pigs with elemental weapons? Sounds great. Plus, maybe they’ll actually get a chance to develop the characters of Angry Birds beyond “this one is red!” and “this other one is pink so she’s a girl!” You know, give ’em personalities and stuff. Not that every RPG out there has fully fleshed out characters (cough Final Fantasy), but this is an opportunity for Rovio to win me over.

Later this week, an early version of Angry Birds Epic will launch on the Canadian and Australian iTunes stores. The final product isn’t set to launch globally for all platforms until later this year.

(via Eurogamer)

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