Andrew W.K. Wins 4chan

So there was some kind of awards show last night for gramophone enthusiasts. More important, hard-partying rocker Andrew W.K. kept true to his promise and paid a visit to 4chan’s music board /mu/ last night, answering questions, out-trolling trolls, and generally winning over the crowd, not that he didn’t have a few haters. W.K.’s Q&A session was so popular, in fact, that all of 4chan was briefly brought down, possibly from too much party.

Below, a few of the highlights from W.K.’s two-hour visit to 4chan: (Obvious note: Not all Anonymous questioners are the same person.)

Andrew W.K. on the greatest moment of his life:

“The greatest moment of life so far is being here right now on 4chan. The second best moment of my life was being born.”

W.K. on his reputation as a perpetually positive guy:

“I think staying positive all the time is kind of un-fun. Life has all kinds of feelings to offer and I’d like to experience as much as possible. One of the reasons I like 4chan is because it’s not all positive. I love negativity very much and every feeling between happy and sad.”

“Overall, the experience of being alive is inherently positive, and within that why not enjoy your emotions – just remember that at the end of the day, everything about existence is completely absurd. But of course 99.9999% of 4chan users already understand this essential truth.”

Andrew W.K.: “4chan is one of the most important human achievements of all time.”

W.K.’s favorite meme: (it’s pretty obscure)

“Well, my new favorite meme is THANK YOU BASEDGOD. I’ve been a huge fan of Lil B for the past few years and have been totally pysched about him and everyone who is getting into me.”

Anon: Dear Andrew W.K.: If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life and you had a CD Player with unlimited battery life and 5 CD’s, what 5 CD’s would they be?

“I would bring 5 copies of Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Airplane Over The Sea.” (Andrew W.K. knows his audience: This is kind of an in-joke on /mu/ –ed.)

Andrew W.K. on how Andrew W.K. got roped into the lunacy of doing a live Q&A on 4chan:

“Why would be here? At this shit hole? Because this place rules and I’m just blown away by how intense 4chan is. I’ve been very grateful that moot and the BASEDMODS invited me to do this. I’m a big believer in this board. 4chan is one of the most important human achievements of all time.”

In response to calls all night for him to put a shoe on his head:

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