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Andrew W.K. to Host Live Q&A on 4chan; All Hell Possibly to Break Loose


Perpetually good vibe-emitting rocker Andrew W.K. is about to put his ability to be a chill bro to the ultimate test: On February 13th at 7pm EST, W.K., who has previously hosted a reality show about answering people’s questions and once held a live event in which anybody could ask him anything, will be appearing on notorious imageboard 4chan to host a live Q&A.

The madness began on New Year’s Eve, when W.K. tweeted out a link to a 4chan-made YouTube video for his song “Party Party Party” with the text “I love @4chan. PARTY PARTY PARTY! It’s New Year’s Eve!” Apparently, “the folks at reached out and invited Andrew to do an exclusive interview!”

WK expresses his excitement for the event, and in the process compares 4chan to Twitter and calls it “cozy”:

4chan is the largest English-language imageboard website in the world! Their users total up to 10 – 12 million per month. The users of 4chan post and discuss topics in real-time, kind of like Twitter, but the site functions as a messageboard. Get ready for a cozy, spontaneous, and uncensored experience online like no other!

Previously, we’ve reported on the experience of Steve Lieber, an independent comics artist who found out that his comic was being torrented on 4chan’s comics board and rather than yell at the /co/ readers, decided to pop in to do a spontaneous, winning Q&A. Lieber won over the board, and he says that sales soared. This is different though in that W.K. is a bona fide celebrity coming in at a preannounced time; despite 4chan’s huge readership, it likes to think of itself as a somewhat secret and exclusive happening. The comments from 4channers on W.K.’s blog do not seem to be too happy. Then again, as I wrote 5 or so times in the opening paragraph, Andrew W.K. is a charmer, and if anyone can accomplish the unlikely task of turning hostile trolls into fans, he’s the guy. This could be interesting…

(Andrew WK via NY Observer)

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