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Lil Nas X, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland Together Made Our Nights at the GQ Men of the Year Party

Andrew Garfield and tom holland as Peter Parker and Lil Nas X

Tom Holland was one of GQ’s Men of the Year, which meant that he got to go to a fancy party dressed like Robert Downey Jr. and I loved every second of it. While at the party, he got to meet some of the biggest stars around and pose for pictures as the night celebrated the Men of the Year.

Some of those men led to some interesting pictures for Tom Holland, given his cinematic history. I’m talking about Andrew Garfield. It’s wild that Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield embraced each other in a hug at this event, yet we’re still supposed to believe that they’ve barely even met before. (We know Garfield is in Spider-Man: No Way Home at this point PLEASE stop pretending.)

Sure, the event is meant for those who are currently the talk of the town, and Garfield is still doing press for his movie tick, tick… BOOM! but the fact that these two were photographed hugging each other had the wheels in our fan brains spinning round.

The Spider-Men meet

Imagine, if you will, you’re me, and you’re just waiting to see your top two favorite Spider-Man actors meet each other onscreen. Despite all the “Oh I’m not in that movie” going around, you still believe it to be true, and now imagine seeing these pictures while still not knowing if your dream is going to happen. That’s how I feel today.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time that Garfield and Holland met at a public event. The two met back in 2017 at the BAFTA awards, but the meeting was far less friendly than last night, meaning there was no hug or long embrace making me think that these two hung out on set for a while (shhh let me dream).

And then there’s Lil Nas X of it all.

The king of chaos joins the mix

I love that Lil Nas X always chooses chaos. No matter what, he loves to stir the pot in the best way, and he’s doing it with his GQ Men of the Year party pics. At the party, Lil Nas X got to also meet Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland (for the first time), and because Lil Nas X is always online with us, he knew exactly what joke to make to make everyone scream.

Lil Nas X, what did you hear at the party? What do you know?!

So do the Andrew Garfield/Tom Holland pictures mean anything? I would like to say yes because I’m me and I’m obsessed with the two of them, but honestly, not really. They’re just two British actors who played Peter Parker and stole my heart, and that’s that. (Unless Andrew Garfield swings into No Way Home, and then ignore this entire last paragraph.)

(image: Marvel Entertainment/screenshot from YouTube)

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