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An Annotated X-Men Family Tree

We’re big fans of Joe Stone‘s epic X-Men family tree, but supergeeks though we are, we will concede that it can be a little confusing unless you have read more comics indeed. Luckily, friends of Geekosystem Lauren Henry and Andrew Cedotal have painstakingly annotated it. Lauren notes that she was an editor at Marvel when Deathcry was killed off, and that she is NOT in fact the daughter of Deathbird.
Update: Lauren notes in the comments: “I actually wasn’t at Marvel when they killed Deathcry, but shortly thereafter… As far as I recall, the canon relationship b/t Deathbird and Deathcry is heavily implied as mother/daughter, but the evidence for that comes from the fact that Deathcry was revealed as Lilandra’s niece (and their physical resemblance). It’s therefore possible she’s the daughter of another sibling.”

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(Thanks, Andrew!)

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