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Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza’s ‘SNL’ Shows That We Want a ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunion

leslie knope and april ludgate on snl

Leslie Knope was one of those characters that just brought joy to the world. The leader of Parks and Recreation, she constantly inspired audiences to do better, and ever since the show ended back in 2015, there has been a waffle-shaped hole where the show used to be. Because it really was just a beacon of joy in this world and I know I am not the only one who misses it.

So Leslie Knope came back to NBC last Saturday. Now, to be fair, it was Amy Poehler doing a bit with Aubrey Plaza on Saturday Night Live, but it was still Leslie and April back together. During Plaza’s hosting, Poehler came back to cheer her on in the opening monologue and then, on Weekend Update, the two were back to talk about local government.

April Ludgate (Plaza) was an intern when Parks and Rec started, and grew to be Leslie’s confident and someone that she wanted to see shine and succeed. So it really is amazing that Poehler came to Saturday Night Live to be Plaza’s cheerleader. And seeing them back together for just a moment was perfect.

It was a fun bit, which then had Poehler reading a joke to take her place back as anchor, and the small snippet of the two together felt more like a huge sign to the universe. Meaning that it is time to actually have a conversation about a Parks and Recreation reunion.

It’s time.

During the pandemic, we got a special where the cast checked in from their “homes” and talked about what to do in the pandemic. Then, Leslie Knope gave us hope. Then, to raise money for the Biden/Harris campaign, the cast got together to push for more donations for Leslie’s celebrity crush. But there hasn’t been a real reunion or talks of a reboot in the way other shows have gotten.

And frankly, it is time. I miss Leslie Knope so incredibly much and her energy is something that I do think made the world a better place. People were kinder and they were willing to listen to one another and, for many of us, we found a character to relate to. Being a busy body who just wanted to work and do a good job wasn’t always a good thing. Especially growing up in school. But having Leslie showed so many of us that it was okay and she was just so caring.

That sort of character has been lacking in a lot of television recently and I just miss it. Having an actual reunion for the show? A check in at one of those time jumps that we got to see in the series? It’d be great! And it’s what we deserve after all this time. Seeing Ben and Leslie together again? Please, my heart needs it.

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