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The Democrats Are the Avengers in a New Video From Stephen Colbert

Well, Joe Biden was a given since old Chris Evans looks like Joe anyway.

Donald Trump as Thanos in America: Endgame from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Ever stop and think about how Donald Trump is like Thanos? Well, now Stephen Colbert literally made him the purple Titan. No, seriously, there’s a video of Donald Trump as Thanos saying “person, woman, man, camera, thing” and snapping his fingers.

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Stephen Colbert and his team at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert have given us yet another reason to talk about Avengers: Endgame. In a video that pins Donald Trump as Thanos (which honestly is … sadly … mean to Thanos), there are even more connections between Democrats and each of our favorite heroes and honestly, I hate how good this is.

I typically hate things like this. Mainly because it’s usually Donald Trump pulling this nonsense and he never gets it right and then I’m just mad because the president is screwing up a pop culture reference and then I have to question my own priorities. But Colbert, who is a certified nerd himself, brought the video to life and it’s kind of perfect.

Now, let me first explain: Chris Evans was a given. If you saw Avengers: Endgame and didn’t instantly think that old Cap looked like Joe Biden, I don’t know you and I don’t really need to know you. It’s truly the first thing I thought. Through my tears over Tony Stark, I looked to my boss Kaila Hale-Stern and whispered “He just looks like Joe” and that’s that.

As a Scarlet Witch and Liz Warren stan, I have to say that I love her bit very much. And it just all worked so well? Having the Obamas as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts was perfect, Pete Buttigieg rolling up as Peter Parker even made sense. I’ll even take John Kasich as Groot at the end since he is, seemingly, in the middle of it all.

What makes me most sad about this is that the president would probably like being called Thanos. He’s the kind of man who looks at villains and somehow relates and doesn’t see anything wrong with that and so here we are. But would I watch America: Endgame in theaters? Would love to if we could actively go out to the cinema without fear of death!

So thank you to Stephen Colbert and The Late Show for giving me more confirmation that Joe Biden looks like Old Captain American and vice versa.

(image: CBS)

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