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Things We Saw Today: First Look at Amanda Seyfried As Elizabeth Holmes In The Dropout

amanda seyfried in the dropout

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Elizabeth Holmes became the perfect figure for a film when it was revealed that her billion-dollar company, Theranos, was running a huge fraud. Technology that did not work, abusive behavior with the staff, and lying about government contracts—just to scratch the surface of Holmes-related drama. It has already been the subjects of books, podcasts, and documentaries, but we know that a movie is the final Infinity Stone (well, maybe a musical).

Amanda Seyfried (Mank) will be playing the dropout turned fraud queen in Hulu’s The Dropout. While she doesn’t look as … let’s say chaotic as Holmes did, hopefully they will be able to channel more of what made Holmes an interesting figure. The hair, the fake deep voice, and the smile that looks like a mix between a shark and an owl.

Can’t wait for the trailer.

(image: Hulu/Searchlight Pictures)

  • Keanu Reeves was asked if he would rather be John Wick or Neo in real life. (via A.V. Club)
  • Derek Chauvin pleaded guilty to a federal charge that he violated George Floyd’s civil rights when he killed him. (via Buzzfeed)
  • “It’s important to recognise that the climate crisis was caused by the global north and it is the global south that is suffering. This creates a huge responsibility that lies with the global north to take action, to give climate justice, especially for communities on the frontlines. But this conversation is a hot tea for many people.” Vanessa Nakate, Ugandan climate crisis activist. (via The Guardian)
  • Parasite actress Park So Dam was diagnosed with cancer but is thankfully in recovery. (via ABC13)
  • Broadway shows have been dealing with a lot of cancellations: “On Wednesday, “Tina,” a jukebox musical about Tina Turner, canceled both of its performances, and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a stage sequel to the novels, canceled its matinee. A new musical adaptation of “Mrs. Doubtfire” had already canceled four performances between Sunday and Wednesday, while Lin-Manuel Miranda’s improv troupe, “Freestyle Love Supreme,” canceled three, and “Ain’t Too Proud,” the Temptations jukebox musical, canceled one. At an Off Broadway theater down the street, a strong-selling revival of “Little Shop of Horrors” scrapped four weekend shows.” (via NYT)

What did you see out there today?

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