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All the New ‘Evil Dead’ Movies Make Me Miss Ash

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Ash vs. Evil Dead

The Evil Dead movies have spent a long time in the cultural mindset. Starting back in 1981 with The Evil Dead and spanning through two subsequent sequels there, a television series, two new movies in a different world and beyond, the story created by Sam Raimi has staying power. And part of the reason the series has constantly worked is because it adapts to the story being told. For instance, when it first premiered, it was a horror movie.

But, through Raimi’s skill and Bruce Campbell’s brilliance in playing Ash, we watched as the movie grew into its own style of horror and campiness that has become synonymous with the name. Both of the new films continue with this tradition, even though neither Raimi or Campbell are involved past their producing roles. But, one thing was clear to me after watching 2023’s Evil Dead Rise: It’s time for those who survived the Deadites to all band together. Including Ash.

I loved both Fede Álvarez’s Evil Dead as well as Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise, and the characters presented to us. I loved that there were female characters fighting back against the Book of the Dead because, for most of the original Evil Dead franchise, it was just Ash fighting and losing the women closest to him. But, it also does feel odd that Ash has not somehow gotten wind of what is going on, especially with the book being wild and free in Los Angeles.

And so after the success of Evil Dead Rise, I have some thoughts about the future of this franchise and where we can go. Especially by including the Raimi franchise more and having Ash team up with some of the new characters we’ve come to love from the newest installments.

It’s time

Mia (Jane Levy) fought possession from the Deadites and maybe lived to tell the tale. We don’t quite know where she went. With Evil Dead Rise, we saw as Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Kassie (Nell Fisher) finally escaped the condemned apartment building that took the lives of Kassie’s mother and siblings. But, we also saw that the Deadites followed another young woman back to a cabin with her cousin and boyfriend and what happened there (teased in the beginning of the movie). All of this is wide spread for the Deadites. And it’s something that I frankly think that Ash would know about.

Granted, he’s not always one to want to jump into this fight again, as we’ve seen with things like Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but it is surprising to me that he’s not made a reappearance. But, that might just be because I love Bruce Campbell and Ash a lot (always have, always will). I just think that while Evil Dead was straight horror (much like the original) and Evil Dead Rise was a little more fun mixed with the horror, I hope that whatever third movie we get has the vibe of Army of Darkness.

And I wouldn’t be mad if that also includes Ash’s grand return to the Evil Dead movies with Kassie, Beth, and maybe even Mia all on his team to try and stop the Book of the Dead once more.

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