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[UPDATED] This Alien: Isolation Teaser Gives Us Our First Glimpse Of A Playable Ellen Ripley

You are my lucky star.

I keep referring to Alien: Isolation as “the one where you play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter,” but I suppose I’ll have to amend that to “the one where you play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter and Ellen Ripley.”

As we reported earlier this week, pre-ordering the game grants you access to the “Nostromo Edition,” in which you can play as Ripley, Dallas, or Parker, all voiced by their original actors (yes, including Sigourney Weaver herself). In this new teaser, we get a little taste of the creeping terror that awaits. I’m picky about pre-ordering, but they’ve certainly got my number on this one.

[UPDATE] According to Alien: Isolation’s Facebook page, this content won’t be exclusive to those who pre-order. Though pre-orderers (if that’s not a word, it is now) will be able to play the bonus content on release day, the content will be released at a later date as well.

(via Polygon)

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