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The Alex Jones Video Game Is Just as Pathetic as You’d Expect

Disgraced conservative media host Alex Jones has released a video game. NWO Wars is just as sad and stupid as anything else Jones has done.

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Alex Jones hosts InfoWars, a web show in which he tries to spin conservative conspiracy theories into newsworthy stories. Most of the time, Jones’s rants are racist, misogynistic, and homophobic. Jones has been accused of playing a large part in hyping up the treasonous acts of January 6. Courts in both Texas and Connecticut found Jones liable for damages after he spent the better part of a decade lying about the Sandy Hook tragedy and making the lives of the victims’ families even harder. The court ordered him to pay over a billion dollars to the families in damages. Even though Jones filed for bankruptcy, he still had to pay his debt. In a move that may or not be connected to his financial woes, Jones released an online video game that is just as awful as you would imagine.

NWO Wars is styled like classic 8-bit arcade side-scrolling video games. It’s available for purchase online for $17.76, which is both way more money than it’s worth and a stupid way to show Jones’s misplaced patriotism. With a name like NWO Wars, or New World Order Wars, one would only expect it to be filled with awful and disgusting conspiracy theories. And it is! YouTube and other platforms have already removed advertisements and promotions for the game.

NWO Wars shows how sad conservative entertainment is

In NWO Wars, you play as a hyper-masculine version of Jones himself. He wears only a vest as a top to show off his imaginary muscles. Each level of the game has a conspiracy theme featuring the most outrageous and ridiculous things Jones’s writers could come up with. For example, the first level involves fighting evil zombie scientists who are trying to inject you with a vaccine. If you are hit with the vaccine, you will turn into a socialist rainbow amphibian. That makes perfect sense! Another level puts the player in San Francisco where you kill zombified homeless people. The boss is a “nerd lizard tech boy” who resembles Mark Zuckerberg and has put all the MAGA “patriots” in jail.

The game goes out of its way to be gross. The Jones character spews conservative conspiracy talking points and wannabe tough guy quips, including gems along the lines of “the moon landing wasn’t real” and “climate change is a hoax.” To sound super cool and manly, Jones also yells at the villains “I’ll eat your ass,” which doesn’t sound tough or cool. He also rides on a hyper-muscular centaur that looks like Joe Rogan, which raises several questions. It’s all in the name of shock value and upsetting people. It’s hateful for no reason. Overall, it feels sad.

Besides the long list of other things wrong with this game, NWO just looks boring to play through. The “bad guy” attacks all seem ripped off from other games. There is a machine gun to use with limited ammo. When you run out of ammo, it switches to a pistol with unlimited ammo, meaning you always have a weapon. You can even shoot through platforms. It looks like a simple game to win. But I guess all those incels need to feel like they finally won at something.

Alex Jones game on Steam

As of January 4, 2024, Steam decided to make NWO available on its platform. The “discounted price” still matches Jones’s original $17.76, so people who buy can feel like they understand American history. Of course, some users have left glowing reviews about how “funny” and enjoyable the game is. However, most Steam users are not happy that the platform is providing Alex Jones with any kind of support. It gives the conspiracy theorist a higher profile and expands the game’s potential market. Jones doesn’t deserve this kind of boost. Some people will always support him, but no one should make it easier for him to garner more fans.

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