Air fryer.

Make Fried Food Without the Extra Oil With This Air Fryer

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Crispy fries, crunchy fried chicken, perfectly roasted veggies … with less oil. Get cooking with the 7.2-Quart XL Wolfgang Puck Air Fryer for $59.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

You’ll get 53% off the regular price when you pick up this magical fryer from the celebrity chef. Air fryers use hot air, not oil, to cook food, evenly circulating the air to give you the perfect appetizers and entrees. Make everything from fries and onion rings to fish and chicken—the large capacity means you can cook up to a whole five-pound roast in there. Meal planning FTW! And it doesn’t just air fry—it’ll also bake and roast meat and veggies.

Get the 7.2-Quart XL Wolfgang Puck Air Fryer in red or black for $59.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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