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In a Perfect World, This Adventure Time Video Game Would Exist


Artist Mike Gaboury dreamed a beautiful dream of an Adventure Time video game, and decided to share just a piece of that dream with us. Working in his spare time, and for no reward other than his love for the show, Gaboury animated the intro and start screen to an imaginary side-scrolling retro-style Adventure Time game. Though it’s just a fan project, it is a tantalizing to think of what a full-fledged AT game in this style would be like.

Watching this video has got me thinking about all the potential that an AT game would have. Infinitely expandable Jake! Bemo mini-games! A Shadow of the Colossus type sequence while destorying Marceline’s enormous soul-sucking demon father! The possibilities are endless, but they’ll have to remain possibilities for now. There are a few AT flash games over on the Cartoon Network website, but they don’t look nearly as entertaining as the games I’m dreaming of.

(Mike Gaboury via Neatorama)

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