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Adam Ruins Everything Kicks Off New Season With Episode About “Fertility Fear,” Breastfeeding, and Parenthood

Adam Ruins Everything is doing its best Dr. Freeze impression with the puns in this clip about egg freezing.

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The second season of the truTV show debuts July 11 at 10pm ET/PT, and will tackle “an array of topics including weight loss, the economy, dating, the suburbs, hospitals, college, science, conspiracy theories, fine art, wellness, and things we learned in school.” The premiere episode will center around Emily and Murph (who we’ve seen in previous episodes go from relationship to marriage), and “unexpected baby news.” Here’s the synopsis:

“With the help of top experts in their fields, Adam shatters the belief that getting pregnant after 35 is next to impossible, and uncovers the truth about the age-old argument of breastfeeding vs formula. Plus, Adam explores what you didn’t know about postpartum depression – for both women and men.”

Having a baby is an overwhelming experience, one of the reasons being that there’s a huge abundance of information out there that often includes copious opinions on both sides of any argument. It’s a phenomenon that was also described in Last Week Tonight‘s segment on vaccination. The segment above on how egg freezing preys on “fertility fear” hits on the way we often talk about female bodies as rotting from the inside (aka, the biological clock) when the procedure was first for women going through chemotherapy.

In another clip about breastfeeding, an expert addresses the shaming of women who breastfeed in public, and the misinformation about baby formula—an alternative that often makes parents who struggle feel lesser than, or extremely guilty.


I spent a good amount of time on the #NoOneToldMe hashtag recently, which is full of birth-givers who shared experiences that they weren’t anticipating. Started by , it really highlights the  many unexpected challenges parents have to go through and the urgent need to dispel myths about what does or doesn’t make a responsible parent.

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