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Good Luck Getting This Ada Lovelace Tribute Song out of Your Head

Like you're even going to want to.

Looking for new ways to remember Ada Lovelace, wonderful woman of tech history? Of course you are, and you’re in luck! You won’t be able to get this catchy, if brief, tune out of your head as its electronic sound reminds you how much we owe her.

Lovelace’s work and notes on the function of Charles Babbage’s “Analytical Engine” mechanical computer way back in the 1800s would one day be used by Alan Turing in the creation of early computer programs. Through the years, she’s had her own alternative to the “Turing Test” AI evaluation proposed, potential LEGOs, and a Google Doodle, and now we can also honor her in song.

That song, by the way, also serves to promote Feminist Frequency’s Ordinary Women series, for which they’re still fundraising. (They’ve almost reached their goal!) The series aims to spotlight women throughout history who may not have gotten their due in mainstream culture, as their accomplishments were (and are) often swept under the rug by the men who got the credit. They’ve got more catchy music videos for some of the other historical figures the series will spotlight, so take a look at those if you’re looking for even more song-based inspiration.

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