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Actually This Video About Always Being Right Is Making Us Feel Feelings

This hits a little close to home for most of Geekosystem.

Some of us have a pathological need to be right and to let others know how right we are. This video by Slacktory editor Nick Douglas shows just how lonely that can truly be. You’ll either think it’s funny, or it will make you question how you live your life. Though, Nick does make one mistake in the video…

Where he corrects the imaginary delivery person about Frankenstein saying, “Actually Frankenstein was the name of the scientist who create him,” he’s making an unnecessary correction. Yes, Frankenstein is the scientist who creates the iconic monster, but actually as I’ve pointed out, the creature identifies as Frankenstein’s son and would therefor also consider himself a “Frankenstein.”

I couldn’t stop myself, Slacktory. Please keep emailing us videos.

(Slacktory via Laughing Squid)

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