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Action Figure May Reveal Even More of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Plot

If there's any we don't already know, that is.


After the last Batman v Superman trailer, it really seemed as though we’d seen just about everything the movie had to offer. Since then, we’ve heard that’s a bit of a false impression left by the trailer, and there will be more to the movie than meets the eye. Here to support that idea is a maybe-spoilery action figure.

Potential Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spoilers ahead.



A whole slew of images of action figures based on the movie has hit Imgur, but allow us to direct your attention to the first once, featuring “Lex Luthor”:

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Batman’s not the only one suiting up to take on Superman, it seems, and it looks like Lex Luthor is packing even better tech. No wonder Batman’s so sad.


It’s not hard confirmation, but this certainly makes it look as though Lex is going to jump into the battle in a more direct way than just setting Doomsday loose on the titular heroes. Perhaps the movie’s actual climactic battle after Bats and Supes bury the hatchet (and team up Wonder Woman) and defeat Doomsday will be with mecha-Lex? Maybe a second attack by Luthor is what ultimately leads to the formation—sorry, dawn—of the Justice League?

Whatever happens, I’m hoping now more than ever that there’s another side to Jesse Eisenberg’s performance than what we’ve seen in the trailer, because I’m really not looking forward to the final fight of the movie being with mecha-tech-startup-stereotype.

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